Minneapolis at Night
Minneapolis at Night

ANCON Medical Inc. is a medical device maker focusing on the development of revolutionary, non-invasive disease screening technology. ANCON Medical’s  primary technology is the Nanoparticle Biomarker Tagging (NBT), which gives medical technicians a simple breath screening device that operates at unprecedented levels of sensitivity.

ANCON Medical’s team of engineers, scientists and business experts have been developing NBT technology over the last 10 years, establishing an impressive portfolio of patents and intellectual property in both the U.S. and U.K. The technology has been designed to be compatible with, and deliverable to, point of care clinics.

Our company presents unique solutions for the healthcare industry, providing a pathway to early detection capabilities that can be critical for treating deadly illnesses, such as lung cancer, tuberculosis and others. Early diagnosis is often crucial to providing effective healthcare, increasing a patient’s chances of recovery and improving their quality of life. From close working relationships with global market leaders and renowned public and private laboratories, ANCON Medical has received numerous grants and awards from public bodies.

Recently ANCON has been awarded funding from the Technology Strategy Board in the UK and successfully demonstrated potential of the NBT technology to early diagnosis of tuberculosis and lung cancer.

ANCON Medical has two world locations. The facility in Minnesota (USA) is part of the state’s Medical Alley medical device manufacturing community, and the same facilities in Kent (UK) operate within the Innovation Centre located within the grounds of the University of Kent at Canterbury.

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