Medical Alley

ANCON Medical Inc. is a proud member of the Medical Alley Association, a Minnesota-based association that features some of the world’s best medical device makers.

In 1984, The Medical Alley Association was formed.  The organization was tasked to be the caretaker of Minnesota’s future healthcare success. Not only did the name resonate with our founders – it became the name that the world associated with our unique cluster of health technology and leadership.  In 2015, the American History Museum of the Smithsonian opened the permanent exhibit “Places of Invention” – featuring six great places of American invention.  Included in this exhibit is Medical Alley.

What is Medical Alley?

It is the community made up of medical device, biopharmaceutical, diagnostic and digital health industry leaders.  It is the birthplace of the modern medical device industry, as well as a region of unparalleled innovation in clinical research and healthcare delivery. What makes Medical Alley so unique is that it’s a place where our sectors come together with care providers, insurance companies and research organizations to advance our ability to improve care and lower costs.

For 30 years, Medical Alley has helped establish and lead a strategic approach to improve the business environment for life science companies through dedicated support to members, leading programs and projects to develop new industries, accelerate the evolution of existing industries and implement capabilities required to ensure a healthy business climate and a stronger community.

As a member of Medical Alley, ANCON Medical is committed to being a leader in the research and development of innovative healthcare technology.

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