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Targeted at medical professionals, the HUB has this month covered ANCON Medical’s NBT technology in Issue 7 of their health, hospitals and care news report. Read the full article on page 62 here:

Two people under 35 are diagnosed with malignant skin cancer each day in Britain.

HUB NEWS issue 7. P.62. Health + hospitals + care

Since 1970 the rate of diagnoses has tripled and continues to rise.

  • 13,000 Brits are diagnosed with some form of melanoma annually.
  • 7,230 people will die of melanoma in 2019.
  • The most preventable cause of melanoma is overexposure to sunlight.
  • While not the most common skin cancer, it has the highest mortality rate.
  • A cancer diagnosis can take between 2-10 days.
  • ANCON has developed a faster method, which generates a diagnosis within 10 minutes.

With summer approaching many in the UK are starting to dust off the barbecues and trade the thick, woolly winter clothing for short sleeves and swimsuits. The number of people who will go through the whole summer without suffering even a slight burn is likely very slim. But behind the tans and sunburns associated with spending time in the sun, there is the latent risk of melanoma…

Read the full article on NBT technology for early diagnosis here:

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