ANCON featured in UK national press

ANCON Medical has been featured in the Sunday Mirror in an article detailing new research that states middle-wage earners are neglecting their health to keep up with workload.

Those on more than £40,000 a year are risking their health by dodging GP visits to keep up with their workload. Six in 10 in the pay bracket have not visited their GP for at least five years. And 30 per cent feel sticking to a doctor’s appointment is unrealistic as they are too busy, against 16 per cent of patients on less than £40,000.

Shockingly, a quarter of mid-earners with a family history of cancer or terminal illness do not have time for regular recommended check-ups.

The poll, by ANCON Medical, which has a breath test to diagnose lung cancer, also shows one in 10 will cancel an appointment due to work despite still worrying about their symptoms.

ANCON chief executive Wesley Baker said:

“Catching serious diseases early is one of the most important factors in the survival rates. For instance, when found at its earliest stage, more than a third of people with lung cancer will survive five years or more, compared with around five in 100 when discovered later. It is hugely concerning to see the number of people in the UK that are ignoring symptoms.”

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