Ancon Joins the Aerosol Society in the UK

Aerosol Society
Aerosol Society

On 10 September 2017 Ancon became a corporate member of the Aerosol Society in the UK.

The Aerosol Society has been in existence for over 30 years. It is a scientific, non-profit organization aimed at extending knowledge and supporting the study of airborne particles. Ancon joins a membership of more than 300 scientists that are drawn from academia, government bodies and industry. Members’ interests are numerous and include climate and atmospheric modelling, nanotechnology, development of inhaled therapies and air pollution. The committee of volunteers promotes all scientific branches of aerosol research through this website, our monthly members newsletter and regular aerosol science-related events.

One of the Society’s primary aims is the encouragement and support of early career scientists and the society annually invests thousands of pounds in studentships, travel and research awards.

The company are extremely pleased to now be involved with the Society and continue towards research and development of the Aerosol industry.

For more information on the Aerosol Society please visit

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