Biomarkers progress early diagnosis

Early diagnosis of cancer

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A new test developed at Queen’s University could allow ovarian cancer to be diagnosed at a stage up to two years earlier than current methods.

The test relies on the detection of a biomarker revealing the presence of the disease in a patient’s blood. This offers patients a way to higher survival rates in a cancer that is picked up, in the majority of cases, at a late stage when treatment options are limited.

Catching cancer at an early stage not only results in a less serious problem to treat but also leaves more options at a doctor’s disposal.

Wesley Baker, CEO of ANCON Medical offers the following commentary:

“Early diagnosis is one of the most important factors when it comes to surviving cancer so this news will provide a boost to future sufferers of ovarian cancer if the screening can be proven to work effectively. While treatments for cancer are advancing rapidly, diagnosis technology has somewhat lagged behind; a concerning trend when as statistics demonstrate, early diagnosis is key to higher survival rates.”

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