Breath Biomarker-Based Technology for Launch

Article published Apr 26, 2017

Ancon Medical moved one step closer to launching its disease biomarker identification technology after announcing that its nanoparticle tagging technology (NBT) demonstrated higher sensitivity in detecting signs of disease than a conventional method.

The medical device firm made the announcement last month after comparing its technology in verification tests against the current state-of-the-art method, ion mobility spectrometry.

Developed by Boris Gorbunov, currently Ancon’s technical director, the NBT platform uses nanotechnology molecular tagging with a front-end selector gas chromatograph attached to a breath sampler to detect volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as breath biomarkers.

“After a breath sample is collected, it is introduced in a [gas chromatograph] inlet where biomarkers molecules are separated from other molecules in the sample,” Ancon CEO Wesley Baker said in an email. “Only molecules of the biomarkers are ionized and tagged with tagging objects. Tagged biomarkers are then detected in the NBT detector by optical counter.”

The current NBT platform, which is about the size of a computer monitor tower, is designed to be portable, and Ancon plans to make an even smaller version of the platform down the line. To collect breath samples in patients, Ancon uses disposable breath collectors, which eventually could enable greater versatility for collecting samples…

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