Coronavirus isolation in public

As public awareness increases to our individual responsibility in reducing the spread of the current outbreak of the coronavirus, the handshake is becoming a taboo greeting among professional workers.

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The hashtag StopShakingHands has been widely used on Twitter as the outbreak takes hold and Britons take steps to minimise the chances of catching the illness.

In Germany, even Chancellor Angela Merkel was shunned by her interior minister Horst Seehofer who refused to shake her hand at an event today. Merkel had previously refused to shake the hands of attendees at an event in her own district due to the outbreak.

One British doctor today also claimed she has stopped shaking hands with new acquaintances and a Google executive revealed how he has spent hours avoiding the greeting in order to stop the virus spreading.

The number of cases worldwide is now approaching 90,000 while there have been 3,060 deaths. In the UK there have been 40 confirmed cases.

Motivational speaker and presentation coach Richard McCann hosted an event in Leeds on Saturday and later posted a video that showed him greeting a man with an air handshake in a move he said was because of the ‘unfolding coronavirus situation’.

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