Daily Telegraph discusses claim PHE is not helping

Leaked emails suggest that Public Health England has ignored requests for help despite interventions from Jeremy Hunt.

Public Health England is hampering the development of accurate antibody tests by refusing to share vital blood samples from Covid-19 patients, private laboratories have claimed.

The tests, which have been heralded as a potential “game changer” by the Prime Minister, are used to confirm whether an individual has previously had a coronavirus infection and may now be immune.

However others have also expressed frustration at PHE’s in-house approach. Last week The Telegraph disclosed that offers to provide dozens of specialised machines and expert staff from many of the country’s leading scientific institutions have repeatedly been ignored by health officials.

Wesley Baker, chief executive of ANCON Medical, which has created a device to diagnose coronavirus patients, also said he was disappointed by a lack of collaboration.

“We are over a month now since we began reaching out to Government officials to offer our technology to help the NHS test and screen people for coronavirus more quickly,” he said. “We are incredibly disappointed and frustrated with the lack of any response or acknowledgement from the DHSC or PHE thus far.”

Read full article in the Daily Telegraph.

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