Disease Screening Technology Adapted for Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary early screening with Ancon Medical
Veterinary early screening with Ancon Medical

Ancon Medical Inc. is adapting its innovative health screening technology for veterinary services, giving veterinarians who specialize in animal care an easy, quick, non-invasive method for finding and treating diseases in cats and dogs.

Ancon Medical’s Nanoparticle Biomarker Tagging (NBT) is a leading-edge disease screening technology that can screen and detect the presence of a range of diseases by measuring for certain molecules in the exhaled breath of a subject.

Ancon Medical’s NBT device provides a quick, efficient and simple screening diagnostic tool that answers the basic needs of both animal owners and veterinarians. Plus, NBT technology provides an ideal diagnostic solution for veterinarians who work both with cats and dogs.

NBT has already proven effective in disease screening for people, as it provides both a non-invasive and fast method to test for a wide range of diseases, including certain cancers, Lyme disease, COPD and others.

NBT works by detecting “biomarkers” in exhaled breath, using a process similar to ultrafast gas chromatography. These molecule-sized volatile organic compound metabolites are specific to certain diseases and once discovered, an NBT device can be programmed to search for these biomarkers. So far, researchers have found biomarkers for a range of diseases.

The NBT process will work the same for animals as it does for humans. First, the precise biomarkers for specific animal diseases will be discovered through clinical research working closely with specialist universities. Then, the NBT device will be programmed to detect these biomarkers in the breath of cats or dogs.

In addition to its versatility, Ancon Medical’s NBT technology provides an unobtrusive method for performing diagnostic tests on animals.

“One of NBT’s hallmark benefits is that it doesn’t require needles, putting an animal to sleep, skin grafts or other painful methods of sample collection to provide fast, accurate results,” Ancon Medical CEO Wesley Baker said. “Invasive procedures like these can make diagnostic testing for animals difficult for both owners and the veterinarian. But with NBT’s breath detection technology, animals can receive timely, comprehensive disease screening without suffering the stress it puts on them and their people.”

Veterinarians are placing a greater emphasis on animal wellness and health, with animals receiving regularly scheduled checkups and improved focus on preventative help. One of the advantages of NBT technology is that it is fast, producing results in as little as 15 minutes.

Since animal testing can take between one to 10 days to produce diagnostic results, pet owners often have to make two trips or more to the veterinarian to complete an animal test. Plus, diagnosing animals can often require several tests before producing conclusive results, which not only adds more stress for the animal, it also drives up costs.

Veterinarians play an important role in diagnosing animals, making a user-friendly diagnostic tool like an NBT device a valuable addition to the practice as it allows testing in more cases and by a wider range of support staff.

“With an NBT device, veterinary offices can run tests in many situations where they normally wouldn’t, because it is easy to use and to train staff to operate, and it’s a more pleasant experience for both animal and owner,” Baker said.

The NBT is also a valuable device for the agricultural industry, as there is a growing need for more diagnostic devices on farms to directly monitor livestock health. Having the power to identify, treat and possibly isolate diseased livestock will help boost the industry’s productivity.

With a proposed price of around $30,000 and attractive leasing options, Ancon Medical’s NBT device can be an affordable addition to any veterinary office, while its small size makes it comfortable and easy to use.

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