From fingerprints to breath tests; what our bodies tell us.

Article featured in Hospital Hub 29.8.19. Read the full article here >>

Leading MedTech firm – ANCON Medical – discusses what the future of medical tests will tell us…

Fingerprints have been used as a form of identification for centuries and were first used in a criminal investigation in 1892 to clear a man accused of murder. Blood tests became part of the medical landscape in 1901 with the identification of A, B and O blood types, and is now used for a huge range of tests from blood sugar for diabetes to HIV testing.

Our breath is often overlooked as a potential source of vital information, relegated to the task of breathalysers and measuring the fitness of elite athletes. However through the use of NBT technology it will soon be possible to diagnose, with incredible accuracy and sensitivity, a range of serious diseases at the earliest possible stage purely from the contents of a minute’s worth of an individual’s breath.

Not only this but the breath test could in future be used to check our fitness, dietary requirements or overall health. Combined with AI technology, breath tests could reveal more about our bodies than ever before, the next step in understanding individual’s needs and ailments.

Read the full article here >>

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