Innovation To Tackle Regional Covid Hotspots

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Major cities have been the epicentre for outbreaks across the world, but what can be done to protect cities and, crucially, their most vulnerable areas and citizens?

Wesley Baker, CEO of ANCON Medical discusses screening and utilising technology to protect our most densely populated areas in the future.

“Transmission of Coronavirus and other infectious diseases depends on a few things but human proximity and population density are key indicators of the speed of spread.

Major transport hubs servings thousands of people a day – especially in London, which has so far been the epicentre of the UK’s outbreak – are likely seeing significant particles emitted into the air which contain the Coronavirus, further exacerbating the rate of spread.

Sampling the air in these places – such as bus depots and major stations – would give a good indication as to what impact this is having on transmission rates.

Read the full article featured on Sustain Health >>

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