International Men’s Day encourages early diagnosis

ANCON Medical discusses the importance of men getting diagnosed early for common cancers to mark this year’s International Men’s day.

Full article featured on 19 November 2019:

To mark International Men’s Day 2019, an event designed to raise awareness of male-specific cancers as well as reducing stigma around mental health, ANCON Medical have conducted exclusive research into how men deal with symptoms and the impact this has on survival rates.

The research has shown that around 52% of men in the UK have not visited the doctor in up to five years, despite many respondents citing potentially serious symptoms or a family history of serious illness.

Nearly 2.5 million men in the UK are either concerned about symptoms of a serious illness or have a family history of cancer yet don’t feel they have the time to get checked out.

This becomes even more concerning as the research shows that only 24% of men are doing regular recommended checks for cancer, such as checking for testicular cancer which is so key to surviving cancers such as these.

Compared to 48% of women, this shows the disparity in men not taking their health seriously…

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