Italian Town Eradicates COVID through Mass Testing

The Journal of Medical Health reports that a town in northern Italy has managed to eradicate Coroavirus using mass testing protocols. Wesley Baker comments:

Virus in public

A town in northern Italy has managed to eradicate Coronavirus (Covid-19) using mass testing protocols – so why aren’t other countries doing it? Early diagnosis specialists – ANCON Medical – discuss the importance of testing and screening everyone, not just severe cases.

The number of cases of COVID-19 in Italy yesterday passed 40,000 and the number of deaths reached 3,405 – the highest official number recorded anywhere in the world so far. Northern Italy has been the region hardest hit by the outbreak, particularly in cities such as Bergamo and Milan, where lockdown looks set to be extended beyond the current deadline.

Vò, however, is one such town that has now completely eradicated the presence of the virus. It has achieved this by mass testing and subsequently isolating all of its 3,000 inhabitants following what was at the time, Italy’s first recorded death from COVID-19.

Wesley Baker – CEO of ANCON Medical – comments:

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