NBT Offers Early Screening for COPD Sufferers Like Leonard Nimoy

chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Legendary actor’s battle with deadly lung disease shows benefits of early screening for COPD.

Leonard Nimoy was an inspiration to many science fiction fans across the world, and his famous utterance represented his unmistakable spirit: live long and prosper. While Nimoy did indeed have a long, prosperous life, it was regrettably cut short last weekend by chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, a disease that can better treated if diagnosed early.

Ancon Medical Inc.’s Nanoparticle Biomarker Tagging (NBT) technology offers revolutionary medical disease screening capabilities that give medical providers the ability to fulfill the promise of Nimoy’s familiar phrase for many patients, including sufferers of COPD.

By simply screening the breath of an individual, NBT technology can detect with unprecedented sensitivity the presence of chemical fingerprints of a disease, called “biomarkers.” Since researchers have already identified the specific biomarkers for COPD, Ancon Medical’s NBT device has the current capability to be programed to screen for this common lung disease. NBT Technology is unique for its sensitivity and selectivity, with the ability to detect a single biomarker marker.

“Regardless of the disease, early diagnosis always increases the treatment options, and Ancon Medical is focused on developing the technology that gives healthcare personnel the capabilities to make quick discovery of deadly diseases,” said Wesley Baker, Ancon Medical Inc. president. “Whether it’s COPD or lung cancer or Ebola or tuberculosis, medical providers with an Ancon Medical NBT device have the disease screening tools to make an early diagnosis and administer advanced treatment that can make a real difference in a patient’s life.”

COPD is a slowly developing lung disease that gets progressively worse over time for sufferers, who will face severe lifestyle restrictions. There is no cure for COPD, but quick treatment can give patients the power to stay more active and retain a fulfilling lifestyle.

COPD can be detected through lung function tests that have to be administered by a specialist. X-rays and CT scans can also find the evidence of the disease, but these tests are expensive and require specialization.

NBT stands to provide a better option for COPD screening, due to its sensitivity, convenient size and ease-of use. With a projected price of $39,000 for the device, NBT is an affordable and practical option for hospitals, local clinics and neighborhood point-of-care settings where COPD could be diagnosed.

Nimoy announced his battle with COPD last year. Part of Nimoy’s message shows why technology like NBT disease screening is so valuable for patients like him. Nimoy quit smoking 30 years before he learned he had COPD, showing how the disease can emerge years after people end the habit.

Most people who suffer from COPD smoke or used to smoke, though long-term exposure to smoke and other airborne toxins can contribute to the disease in nonsmokers. Since COPD can emerge in patients with nearly any level of long-term exposure to airborne toxins, it’s a highly useful test for a wide range of individuals who have prolonged contact with these hazards.

“Nimoy’s case shows that early test for COPD with NBT technology could indeed help fulfill his popular refrain and help people live longer, more prosperous lives through early diagnoses that give doctors the head start to begin treatment,” Baker said.

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