NBT Technology Potential

From remote locations in the developing world to the neighborhood clinic, the Ancon Medical NBT device offers a number of benefits that make it the most useful, non-invasive, early detection disease screening technology. Sensitivity, price, portability and usability are all factors that make the NBT Device an indispensable tool for many prices and locations, including hospitals, clinics, airports, border crossings and many other point-of-care facilities.

NBT technology has great screening potential for a number of diseases, including lung cancer, tuberculosis and Ebola. Its sensitivity can be the difference of weeks or months in a diagnosis, offering a head start that can crucial for treating and stopping the spread of a disease.

The NBT can perform similar functions to laboratory equipment such as ultra-fast gas chromatography, but it can be taken on the go and used in a variety of settings, including clinics, hospitals, schools, camps or nearly any location where the device can be powered. The current prototype is the size of a briefcase and is lightweight enough to be carried by most adults. A miniaturized version of the NBT device will be the size of a toaster, making it even lighter and more transportable.

User accessibility
The NBT device doesn’t require expert medical knowledge to operate, allowing non-medical staff or volunteers to be able to administer the test. This makes it possible to screen for diseases in more places and more often. Since it only requires a simple breath test, the device operator won’t have to draw blood or take tissue or fluid samples, making it safer for less experienced personnel to operate. Training can be done on-site and can be done in less than an hour.

While other breath detection technology exists, none match the sensitivity and selectivity of NBT, which measured down to one ion in 10,000 cubic centimeters in 2012 tests at the Boulby Underground Laboratory. In addition to having sensitivity that could be measured down to a single molecule, the tests also showed that NBT technology was able to filter out other chemical detections, giving it unprecedented selectivity.

The NBT device can deliver a result in as quickly as 15 minutes. And a miniaturized version will produce results in less than 5 minutes. Besides the convenience for the tested individual, the remarkable turnaround time for the Ancon Medical NBT device will improve the effectiveness of mass screenings for some diseases and make large-scale screenings a reality for other diseases.

At a very reasonable price, the Ancon Medical NBT device can be a useful diagnostic and disease screening tool for many settings, including hospitals, clinics, emergency response and other point-of-care facilities. As researchers have already discovered the biomarkers for 400 diseases — including lung cancer — the Ancon Medical NBT offers versatility and utility at an affordable price.

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