NBT Disease Screening Benefits

medicalscreeningThe sensitivity and selectivity of the Ancon Medical NBT device is unmatched by other similar breath detection technology. Tests at the Boulby Underground Laboratory in 2012 showed that NBT technology can measure down to one ion in 10,000 cubic centimeters, giving the device a sensitivity that could be measured down to a single molecule.

This sensitivity can mean the difference in weeks or months for a diagnosis. This head start can give doctors and healthcare professionals an advantage in treatment and therapy for a wide range of diseases, including:



Lung cancer
Lung cancer has a low survival rate, but studies show that with early treatment, 57% of patients can survive for longer than 5 years, whereas only 9% survive if treatment occurs after symptoms emerge. Currently, screening for lung cancer requires expensive CT scans, and with there being such a wide range of at-risk individuals, the costs, equipment and invasiveness of the tests leave many lung cancer patients undiagnosed until symptoms emerge. But with the Ancon Medical NBT device, mass screenings could help doctors discover the disease at much earlier stages, leading to earlier treatment that can save lives. Researchers have identified the lung cancer biomarker, a molecule called butylated hydroxytoluene, which gives the Ancon Medical NBT device the capability now to screen for the disease.

The shocking development of the Ebola virus in 2014 shows how crucial early detection of the virus is to prevent its quick spread. The unprecedented sensitivity of NBT technology would allow for detection of the Ebola virus within 24 to 72 hours of exposure, before the individual is showing symptoms of the disease. Early detection not only gives exposed individuals more treatment options, but it’s also crucial in slowing the spread of the disease. Plus, the light-weight and ease of use of the NBT device stand to make it an essential piece of equipment for facilities anywhere in the world where Ebola could spread, including airports, clinics, border crossings and other relevant sites in under-developed countries. The biomarker for the Ebola virus must still be found, but Ancon Medical believes the research could be complete in as little as three months following discovery. Once the biomarker is discovered, Ancon Medical’s NBT Device would be a powerful tool in preventing and containing outbreaks.

Despite being virtually eradicated in developed countries, Tuberculosis is one of the world’s leading causes of death, and a forefront healthcare issue for the developing world. TB kills 1.5 million people every year and it’s believed that 3 million go undiagnosed, making disease diagnosis a central part of the strategy to fight TB, along with vaccine and medicine delivery. Currently, diagnosing TB requires a complicated procedure, including blood tests and examination of chest x-rays, which requires highly-trained medical personnel.

The Ancon Medical NBT device is the ideal weapon to fight a disease like TB, allowing for mass screenings by use of a simple breath test that can be administered by non-medical staff and volunteers, with results in less than one hour. Further research into the TB’s biomarker is the next step, and its discovery would make take the NBT Device an indispensable tool for screening for the disease.

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