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Ancon Medical is covered by News Medical one of the leading news medical websites in the world today.

News Medical stated: ” Ancon Medical, a company devoted to finding new ways to beat cancer, recently unveiled a new cancer-screening device to the public, the NBT detector. The company’s latest product aims to bring cancer detection to the next level: it uses Nanoparticle Biomarker Tagging (NBT) technology to identify cancer biomarkers in exhaled air.

According to the Ancon’s website page, exhaled breath contains a unique mixture of molecules that are produced by body fluids. Nanoparticle Biomarker Tagging detection technology is a development that reads molecules emitted from a person’s breath and uses it to identify the existence of diseases. As a result, the NBT detector will not only help defeat cancer but diseases such as diabetes and tuberculosis, as well.

Although the NBT detector is small, the device is essentially a portable laboratory. When a person breathes into the NBT detector, their breath is amplified more than one billion times, allowing a single ion or molecule to be detected and identified. The NBT detector can provide a diagnosis in a single breath, allowing patients the option to seek early cancer treatment options.

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