Our Mission

Ancon Medical’s mission is to develop and promote an innovative, non-invasive technology that can detect a full range of diseases in their earliest stages. Breath analysis is the “Holy Grail” of medical diagnosis technology, providing a simple, inexpensive way to identify minute traces of molecular biomarkers within a point of care situation.

Ancon Medical is seeking to fully develop and capitalize on NBT technology, allowing as many people as possible to benefit from the technological breakthrough.



Future possibilities include:

  • Expanding the spectrum of diagnosable diseases to include lung cancer, tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases, diabetes, bowel cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer and kidney cancer.
  • Development of mobile, consumer-oriented devices that enable personal healthcare to become more accessible, more affordable, and much easier to obtain. Consumers will finally be able to address their own care and make health monitoring a part of their daily lives.

NBT platform technology enables the detection of minute traces of all kind of molecules and therefore can be expanded to protect people from terrorist threats such as explosive and biological weapons.

NBT Technology Video