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Ancon Medical acts as an exclusive distributor for Ancon Technologies products (below) for the USA.



Ancon’s MR250 is a companion product for the Aero Select. Used to determine mass-size distributions quickly, it eliminates the need for laboratory gravimetrical analysis. The mass reader uses the light scattering characteristics of aerosol particles to quantify the masses of samples taken with the Aero Select in the size range 0.25 to 35µm. It is designed to provide a range of conventional Particulate Matter (PM) characteristics such as PM₁₀, PM₂.₅ and PM₁ with particle size cut off 10µm, 2.5µm and 1µm.




Providing seven channels of resolution in the micro-particle range of 250nm to 20μm, measurements can be taken instantly with sensitivity for masses down to the order of 10 nano-grams. The instrument is designed specifically to analyse samples collected on glass slides from the Aero Select cascade impactor and as such no sample preparation is necessary. The method is also completely non-destructive and can therefore be used in combination with other analysis methods.

The MR250 is a light-weight, fully portable desktop instrument and can be powered from a mains supply or for up to 10 hours from the internal rechargeable battery.

Used in combination with the Mass Reader software, the MR250 allows users to quickly and easily calculate mass-size distributions for calibrated aerosols. Default calibrations are provided for selected samples with the option for users to calibrate the instrument using their own mass measurements to ensure the best possible accuracy. With the user-friendly software, histograms showing the total mass-size distributions of aerosol samples collected by the Aero Select can be obtained in minutes.

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