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WORD DAY is an annual event that takes place on the 18th of March from 2019 onwards. Through the international networks of Paediatric Rheumatology European Association and ENCA, they hope that diverse local events will be designed and implemented by a local organizing committees in each country of the world, to be run in hospital, universities and public areas (e.g. schools, museums, town centres). These are anticipated to include information stalls, talks and performances given by patients, information and training events for healthcare professionals, ‘peer education’ workshops involving medical student organisations.

The aim of WORD Day is to raise the awareness and knowledge level of parents, doctors, primary practitioners, teachers, and the general public to help first and foremost in early diagnoses, and a quick referral to specialized paediatric rheumatologists.

ANCON hopes that with its NBT technology that was developed for early detection by identifying “biomarkers” in breath, which are DNA-protein controlled volatile organic compound (VOC) metabolites specific to individual diseases. These VOCs are the “fingerprints” of disease and NBT is far more sensitive than current screening methods. Whereas similar technology can require a concentration of thousands of biomarker molecules to detect the presence of a disease or virus, the NBT can detect concentrations as small as a single molecule. With this technology ANCON hopes it will help diagnose Rheumatic diseases at early stages and help improve lives of the young in society due to earlier treatment.

“Researchers have discovered biomarkers for more than 400 diseases, with lung and other cancers among those, and being programmable makes an ANCON Medical NBT device quite versatile.” said Wesley Baker, CEO of ANCON Medical. “With funding and further investment, it will be used to screen for a wide variety of diseases like cancer. NBT is a much better alternative than other early diagnosis technology such as CT scans, and far cheaper too. It can screen a wide range of at-risk individuals, allowing doctors to provide a fast, affordable and non-invasive way to discover the presence of pathologies at an early stage.”

In the image above ANCON Medical’s CEO, Wesley Baker’s son Thomas Baker undergoes an MRI and suffers from a Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis brought on by an Auto Immune Disease at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in London, United Kingdom.

For more information on “World Young Rheumatic Diseases Day” and to join the call-to-action, visit

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Word Day 2019 from Jenny Collins on Vimeo.

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