The 3 ‘most important’ items to have when pandemic shopping

Dr Boris Gorbunov, has warned that Britons need to take action to ensure their safety while shopping. During an interview with, Dr Gorbunov insisted that shoppers should do so with face masks and wear gloves to protect against coronavirus. He added Britons should invest in getting an air purifier for their homes to use after coming in from the outside.

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He noted this was to help fight the virus particles that may still be in the air if it is brought in from the outside.

Dr Gorbunov said: “The main thing is masks and gloves while shopping, for instance.

“If you go to a supermarket it would be a good idea to have a mask and gloves.

“At home it is different but masks and gloves still do help however it would be better to clean down your surfaces.
“You should clean down your surfaces with proper anti-viral stuff.”

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