The costs of delay

A new study shows that one in four cancer patients suffer delays in diagnosis, highlighting the need for ANCON’s technology advances.

Full article published on Hospital Hub:

A major study by Cancer Research UK has shown that one in four cancer patients experienced a delay to their diagnosis and treatment that could have been avoided. Half of these patients waited two months for diagnosis unnecessarily. This study highlighted delays occurring while being assessed by a GP as a key driver of these delays, with 49% of avoidable delays being attributed to this stage.

Around 363,000 people are diagnosed with cancer each year in the UK, with the stage at which they are diagnosed being of critical importance to their survival.

5 year survival stage 1 diagnosis vs stage 4:

  • Lung cancer 56.6% vs 2.9%
  • Prostate cancer 100.1% vs 49%
  • Breast cancer 97.9% vs 26.2%
  • Colorectal 91.7% vs 10.3%
  • Kidney 86.8% vs 12.4%

Wesley Baker – CEO of ANCON Medical – discusses the need to revolutionise diagnosis of cancer: “This study highlights the shocking disparity in our ability to diagnose cancer effectively and efficiently. Stage of diagnosis is arguably the most important factor in terms of cancer survivability especially for the most deadly forms such as lung cancer.

Read the full article on Hospital Hub:

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