The emotions of cancer diagnosis

ANCON Medical featured in Open Access Government:
June 4, 2019

When dealing with serious illness, especially cancer, a fast, accurate and timely diagnosis is imperative in allowing patients the best possible chance of survival. Catching cancer at an early stage not only results in a less serious problem to treat but also leaves more options at a doctor’s disposal. Whilst research into innovative treatments and novel solutions to late stage cancers will often grab the headlines, it is likely that in future better diagnosis and screening will have a greater impact of survival rates and the current funding deficit that exists within the NHS.

In 2016 lung cancer killed 1.71 million people worldwide, earning it the title of the deadliest form of cancer, alongside being the third most common overall. The chances of surviving cancer are partially – but often crucially – determined by the stage at which it is caught, as a late diagnosis increases the chances with which cancer can spread and develop, resulting in higher mortality rates. When found early, over a third of people diagnosed with lung cancer survive for five years or more, in stark contrast to only 5 in 100 of people who are diagnosed much later on. An effective means to diagnose cancers early on is one of the best options for increasing survivability.

False positives in cancer diagnosis cost NHS millions each year and cause huge anxiety across the nation, Wesley Baker, CEO of ANCON Medical discusses the impact of outdated cancer diagnosis…

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