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ANCON Medical dissects a national attitude towards self health-care, both with regard to pre-emptive measures in stemming serious illness such as cancer at the point of symptomatic evidence, and also the subsequent management of life-long, undiagnosed illness post the onset.

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Revealing a nation blighted by an acute work-life imbalance, this nationally representative study highlights just how little a priority health care is for the UK’s work-force. Contextualised by a societal trend where healthcare neglect intensifies for the middle classes and top-earners, over 360,000 people across the nation are diagnosed with cancer each year.

Wesley Baker, CEO of ANCON Medical, discusses the data and research:

“Catching serious diseases early is one of the most important factors in the overall survival rates of patients; it is hugely concerning to see the number of people in the UK that are currently ignoring serious symptoms. When found at its earliest stage, more than a third of people with lung cancer will survive the disease for five years or more, compared with around 5 in 100 of people when discovered at a later stage. This shows the vital importance of getting symptoms diagnosed as early as possible.

One of the ways in which this can be addressed is by making diagnosis quicker and easier for both patients and doctors. ANCON’s NBT technology allows for far more accurate lung cancer diagnosis through the biomarker profile of an individual’s breath. The technology allows for a very low rate of false positives and mis-diagnosis, at a far lower cost both in terms of time and money, with real time diagnosis within 10 minutes at the point of care.”

Download the full ‘Wealth and Wellness’ report PDF

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