Undiagnosed Britain

The data is from a nationally representative survey of 2,000 people and is compliant with the British polling council.

This research demonstrates the prevalence among workers in the UK to place work ahead of their health in their priorities.

Of workers have not visited the doctors in up to five years.
Of workers feel booking and sticking to a doctor’s appointment is not realistic with their workload.
Of workers have cancelled appointments despite still being worried about symptoms.
Of workers have ignored serious symptoms due to a lack of time to visit a doctor.
Of workers rate their work life balance as very poor with their health taking the biggest hit.
Of workers are currently concerned that they may be suffering from a serious illness but feel professional strain prevents them from visiting a doctor.
Of workers have a family history of cancer or terminal illness but still don’t have the time for regular recommended check-ups.
Of workers have waited months for blood tests or biopsies creating a huge amount of unnecessary stress and anxiety even when results were negative.

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