NBT Technology

ANCON Medical has developed a revolutionary technology called Nanoparticle Biomarker Tagging that gives medical professionals the capability to detect deadly diseases in a patient’s breath.

Disease Screening

No matter the disease, early diagnosis gives medical personnel more opportunities for treatment. NBT technology offers powerful capabilities to screen for a wide range of diseases with unprecedented sensitivity.

Medical Alley

As a member of Medical Alley, the community of health industry leaders, ANCON Medical is committed to being a leader in the research and development of innovative healthcare technology.

Biomarker Detection

Research has demonstrated that early detection in the medical field can save lives; letting patients start treatment before the disease spreads beyond control. Highly sensitive breath biomarker detection through our NBT technology offers a non-invasive, point-of-care solution for diagnosticians and enables them to offer life-saving treatment at earlier stages before diseases can progress.



Focusing on the development of revolutionary, non-invasive disease screening technology, ANCON Medical Inc. is a medical device maker focusing on the development of revolutionary, non-invasive disease screening technology.

News and Articles

ANCON Medical presents unique solutions for the healthcare industry, providing a pathway to early detection capabilities that can be critical for treating deadly illnesses like lung cancer, tuberculosis and others. Read latest news and articles related to healthcare industry.

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