Ancon Medical has developed a revolutionary technology called Nanoparticle Biometric Tagging (also known as Nanoparticle Biomarker Tagging) that gives medical professionals the capability to detect deadly disease biomarkers in a patient’s breath. Discovery of these biomarkers can give doctors the ability to make an early diagnosis and begin potentially life-saving treatment.

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Ancon Medical acts as an exclusive distributor for Ancon Technologies products (shown below) for the USA:




Portable, Wide-Range Aerosol Sampler

Ancon products set new standards for high sensitivity and selectivity aerosol measurements. The wide-range fractionating sampler is unique in that it spans the entire aerosol range from 2nm up to 20μm and is a powerful tool in detecting very low levels of Engineered Nanoparticles against background aerosol concentrations.

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– MR250 

Aerosol Particle Distribution Measurement

A companion product for the Aero Select, the mass reader uses the light scattering characteristics of aerosol particles to quantify the masses of samples taken with the Aero Select in the size range 0.25 to 35µm within minutes.

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